Unspoilt beaches and a unique Afro-Euro vibe in Mozambique

Idyllic and tropical, Mozambique is a virtual paradise of glittering, white and sandy beaches that hug the Indian Ocean, while inland wetlands and fresh water lakes feature alongside miombo that woodland forests that rise to plateaus and beautiful mountains bordering neighboring Zimbabwe, Zambia and Malawi.  Mozambique's rich biodiverse marine area, including its string of pristine coral islands, undoubtedly represents the jewels in the crown of this spectacular country.


  • As Mozambique lies primarily in the tropics, the climate is warm to hot and humid.

  • Generally the rainy season is from November - March, although it must be said that the weather patterns are not as consistent as they were a few decades ago.

  • Cyclone season is February - March, with the "cyclone belt" covering just the south of the country.

Mozambique and the archipelagos clustered around the mainland is the vision of a perfect idyllic and tropical, island holiday.


From the crystal-clear, calm waters to the broad, glittering white-sand beaches and swaying coconut palms, Mozambique has it all. The teeming Indian Ocean waters circling the islands are prized as top-notch sites for snorkelers and scuba divers who not only want to capitalise on the magnificent aquatic underworld but also live the good life after diving. Mozambique's rich biodiverse marine area, including its string of pristine coral islands, undoubtedly represents the jewels in the crown of this spectacular country.


Whether in the vibrant capital city of Maputo or at an island beach bar, there’s action or relaxation, whichever takes your fancy.

Over the last few decades, Mozambique has developed into a tourist mecca with all the ingredients of a perfectly rounded holiday: magnificent beaches, water sports, nature, art, historical traditions and legendary seafood. This is today’s Mozambique, but still retaining the charm of the past.

Add to that exquisite properties that offer barefoot luxury at its finest, and you would have discovered world-class offerings that may possibly mark the perfect beginning or ending to a safari in eastern or Southern Africa.


Top Destinations in Mozambique

For a dream island getaway, head to the island of Bazaruto, where the fishing is excellent and the beaches breathtaking. Rivalling that are the islands of the Quirimbas Archipelago, where you’ll find the ultimate escape in azure waters. In Maputo, only the best of Mozambique’s Portuguese colonial past lingers, providing an intoxicating Euro-Afro vibe with pavement cafés, live music and first-class seafood restaurants.

Quick Facts

Climate: Almost all of Mozambique falls within the tropics, and as such, Mozambique features a mostly tropical climate. Evenings are rarely cold, except for a few nights in winter during June and July. In summer, temperatures can soar, and the humidity levels rise.

Map: Mozambique is situated on the Indian Ocean coast of Southern Africa, bordered by South Africa, Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Swaziland.

Currency: The Mozambican Metical (MT) is the currency of Mozambique. On Forex display boards, the three letter code is usually MZN.

Travel Tips

Most international flights arrive from South Africa. Road conditions are generally poor throughout the country, especially when compared to South Africa, which is why domestic flights are considered the fastest and wisest way to get around Mozambique.

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